The barn board cabinet

We were commissioned to make a little cabinet out of barn boards.   Our client gave us the dimensions with a few requests, and the freedom to do what we thought was best.  So we went ahead and did it.  When it was done, I love it so much, I carried it in myself from the garage to put it in a corner in our house where I thought fit best.  Being a little thing, it is quite heavy. Wait a minute...this is not mine to do this...yes, I know, I'm just borrowing.  You know how it is, you just want to put it in the spot you have in mind so you can accessorize it and have a little fantasy break.  But I'll make sure to have this fantasy turned into reality. I hope Rock gets the hint. barn_board_vertical_chest

Looking from the top


Our client wanted this cabinet to hide an unsightly electrical media set that he doesn't use often, and just have his ipod neatly rested on top.  He would access the media unit from the top, opening it like a chest.

A hole was cut out in the back to allow electrical wires to be plugged in.

We made the legs out of walnut, they are slightly tapered and a nice contrast to the rustic barn boards.


Here is where this cabinet really belongs!  In our client's log cabin.

Situated in the log cabin with the TV and the fire place, this little corner comes to life in an unexpected way.  An odd and irresistible combination.

My fantasy still persists though, and I fantasize this cabinet to be a wine and treat stash.  That would mean the door would have to open in the front with shelves inside.  Stay tune, you'll see this version soon enough.  And if you would like a treat stash before I get mine, let me know!