Tropical water garden in your home


I've always wanted to have a pond in my backyard with Koi and water plants but really never had the chance to fulfill it. More over, Canadian summers are too short and the pond becomes so desolate in the winter, which is never really a pretty sight. Luckily, our house, the base of 1925WorkBench has a little mud room with beautiful sun light, hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter, and I thought, why not use it as a green house and when you're excited about something, you come up with crazy idea - Why not make an indoor pond that can take natural sun light AND warm enough to hold water plants all year long?.

Well, this is what I mean:


This is what I did to build the pond:

  • Frame with 2x4
  • Line the interior wall with plywood
  • Spray foamed the exterior to give it better insulation since I anticipated the need to put a heater in the pond in the winter.
  • 7'x10' Tetra pond liner bought from Rona. Home Depot carries Laguna pond liner for 30% cheaper but it was made in China, as opposed to the Tetra, which was made in the USA. I opted to pay extra for the made in USA one for better quality.
  • 1x6 cedar for the pond wall.

I also built a little pocket to the left of the pond to house the filter and other equipment.


indoor_pond_3_Feb2013 indoor_pond_1_Feb2013 indoor_pond_2_Feb2013

This is what my indoor pond & tropical garden looks like in February 2013

You might have seen on the first picture that I have a little radiator heater there keeping the room temperature at 12 C.