Furnishing Leslieville: Part 1 -- The White Room with the "Firry Old Pine" bed

Yesterday--a Saturday, at 8:00 am, we loaded the top of the SUV with a dissembled custom bed, and the back seat with our baby and away we went! Destination? The hip Leslieville of Toronto! The making of the bed on our deck.

The bed is specially made to the liking of our client using reclaimed pine head board and reclaimed Douglas Fir frame, hence the name "Firry Old Pine".   And because delivery and assembly is free with large custom furniture, Rock was putting the bed together in the bedroom while I walked the baby around the neigbourhood.  All these cool shops! And they seem to be so updated with new designs and reclaimed wood furnishings, even the people in them are updated (young, young hip people). You know you're in a well to do neighbourhood when you see a  shop with a sign "Revive your health with alternative and natural threapies " --OHIP do not pay for these methods of health preservation! I want to live here!!

The baby finally fell asleep and I went back to see the finished product.  Our client already had the bed made!  This is the "White Room" in the making, (constrast to the "Black Room" down the hall), with the white chandelier--and soon, there will be a white painting painted by the home owner himself.


Does that white chandelier look beautiful with the bed?

The frame is joined with mitre corners.  The original doweling holes  is an accessory to the frame.

The head board is what makes this bed cozy...the perfect touch of rustic and charm

Rock testing out the sturdiness of the bed...and it sure is sturrrdy! Do you want on this one :)

Stay tune for part 2 of Furnishing Leslieville--a kitchen tour after this bed assembly.

Contact us if you would like to inquire about this bed or feel free to check out our other works.