Furnishing Leslieville: Part 2 -- The Dream Breakfast Nook

After installing the bed we called a client who had referred us to his friend who wanted this bed!  He lives 3 blocks away and is the process of renovating his kitchen.  We wanted to come see how his kitchen is coming along and check out the walnut table for the breakfast nook he had commissioned us to make. It was dazzling seeing that walnut table in a white and blue kitchen with glossy dark grey floors!

Dreaming of the blue sea for breakfast

The home owner had a sentimetal coral leaf he found framed and hung above the bench which echo nicely with the star fish bowl -- hinting faintly at the sea. And that wild and lovely pendant above, a giant clam with a pearl that light up (literally).

Our baby had discovered where the wines are stash, on a little wine rack beside the bench.

You see, the legs are salvaged sewing machine legs that belong to the original table in that nook. Because the original table top was ugly (the owner's words, not mine :)) he wanted a polished walnut table slab to off set the uncanny beauty of these rusted iron lacy legs. Can you blame him? My favourite part of the legs is the word "CLIMAX" spelled out across the bottom in iron.  This table belongs with that sturdy bed, I tell you! (Read part 1 of Furnishing Leslieville to know what I mean)

Look for a word in the legs.  Can you just imagine yourself having breakfast or dinner for two here?

We took the table to our mud room when it was done, and as you can see, these legs can be paired together with a more perfect table top!


A closer look at the walnut table top.

Even if the kitchen is not completely finished...still waiting on the back splash which will be extra long beveled white subway tiles (ummm...yummy) the kitchen just looks fabulous!

If you've missed "Furnishing Leslieville Part 1",  check it out !

Contact us if you would like to inquire about this table. Check out our other dining table here.