Four Dogs Behind Doors in Oakville!

Driving to Oakville this morning with the large solid poplar white glass door in the van, we were ready to keep four dogs behind doors!  Our client wanted a door that lets in light and also would go well with her comtemporary home.  She talked to us, and this is what came out of it.  There was a problem with the beam that came down on the left.  This made it impossible to have the regular barn door hardware with the exposed wheels.  Because our client really wanted a sliding door instead of french doors to save space (not to mention the fact that it's cooler), we figured out a way by using a 3" high box track...and voila! installing the track

view from the basement stairs

Our client wanted to keep her 4 enthusiastic dogs from running to the front door every time they see someone at first.  I was a little bit overwhelmed with their excitement coming in, and so I understand why the home owner really needed this door!

This is what it's like behind doors

Sliding testing....smooth and quiet!

The white door opened against the beautiful grey blue wall really gives a nice graphic design to the room.

View from the other side as we leave the house to go home.