The sliding WALNUT SLAB DOOR - pretty heavy stuff

Our clients wanted a solid slab walnut door the size of the queen mattress for their master bedroom door...we said "OK".  The fun part though, is that this massive door slides on a stainless steel barn door hardware!  After working on the designs, we decided with our clients that the planks run horizontal for a modern clean feel. The final product!  Phew...we got it up!

Making this door was anything but easy, because walnut is harder to work with, and handling something big and heavy required a few trade secrete techniques. We were all happy once the door was done!  But then getting it upstairs to the master bedroom was another issue.  Luckily, the house is big, and there was room to maneuverer,  but it took 4 men and me (somewhat) to haul it from the driveway to the second floor.

Getting started with levelling the track.

I think this is the only solid walnut slab door this big in Toronto!  It's pretty bold of our client I would say, considering they have not done their kitchen or bathrooms, or bought couches and furniture suitable for their new big house!  Well, all it matters is that they've got a big fancy walnut door sliding on stainless steel hardware!

These are the hangers/rolllers used for the sliding hardware.  Rock polished the stainless steel himself.  This was a complete custom project!

That's me beside the door.  I like to stand beside walnut makes me feel protected!

This is the view from outside the bedroom.

Can you see the awesome paintings on the wall here?  It is actually painted by our client herself.  The yellow/orange one on the left echoes nicely with the horizontal lines of the door.  Ahhh, it's so nice to have art in the house!

Rock taking a breather after the installation.

View of the outside completely closed.  Noticed the route out handle...sleek, isn't it?  And also a way to show off the fact that it's solid completely all the way through.