There's blue berry, there's black berry, then there's the RED BARRIE!

The sweetest berries of all -- the Red Barrie!  I'm talking about the Barrie that's located in Ontario with the two gorgeous red spotted acrylic sliding barn doors.  Due to the ingenious vision of interior designer, Myra Spiers, Barrie now has a little red treasure right by the lake. red_barn_door_7

This condominium was gutted out and remodelled from top to bottom.  These red acrylic doors on the black hardware is the unusual, cool element that bring the kitchen, living room and dinning room together, definitely a conversational piece (it would be difficult not to talk about it).  Myra contacted us and asked if we were able to do something like this, and we said, as always "yes".

This is the view coming in the front door.  Look how boldly and gorgeously that fire place hangs on the wall!

Myra wanted the black hardware to echo with the black fire place and the black TV, and it's the reds that make the flavour of this Barrie unparalleled to any others berries.  These doors are pieces of art first and foremost, and their secondary function while being pretty is to cover up the kitchen once closed to hide preparation mess when dinner guests are over.  How cool!

Closed.  I love how all the black elements create a rhythm around the space.


For this particular project, we made the hardware jet black give a really clean pristine look.  The acrylic was framed using actual teak wood to go with the teak pieces.

This is special acrylic has  actual crystals embedded to give a cool effect, like the Japanese floral panels.    Our client bought the acrylic, and we picked it  up, cut it to size and framed it.

We are being invited back once the place is completely finished for a the final house tour.  That's when I'll show you the full scope of how all the pieces really come together.  We are waiting on the kitchen to be installed, and all the details to be in place.  But the sliding red spotted acrylic was the special install everyone was waiting for! And it's done.

That's me and Rock after the installation.  Our client suggested that we get our pictures taken with the kitchen window framing us...creating a third piece art.  We are art, sounds good to me !