Our New Workshop...

...or workbench I should say. Yes, we have moved  our 200 square feet workshop to a 1,200 square feet one -- talk about space shock! After many beloved doors, barn door hardware, and pieces of furniture created in our garage and deck, I'm happy (yes, really happy because I can finally enjoy the deck) that Rock will be working in a less constricted environment. He won't have the luxury of running in and out for drinks and little hug time with the baby, but he won't have to get too creative with constantly moving things around in that tiny garage to accomodate new projects either.

But our house, the original workbench, is still the showroom for our work.  You just have to now pick up your order at the new workshop, which is 5 minutes from our house.

Welcome to 1925 Workbench, 1,200 square feet workshop!