Black powder...ooOO!

Usually, we don't think of putting something big and black in a tiny room.  But sometimes, it's worth it to break the rules...and that's what one of clients did for their tiny breakfast nook that has a powder room tiny enough to be part of the tiny breakfast spot that looks out to the beautiful back yard. We made the slab door out of solid poplar planks and painted it black.  It's pretty heavy, but we still managed to haul it on top of the SUV.

Before the door installation.  As you can see the house space is still under renovation.

Quite poetic looking, hug black door in a small what's that painting with a big rock in a tiny room...does any one know?

We enlisted the help of Rock's little brother.  His summer job.  Looks like he's got a bright kid.

The breakfast room is about I would say 45 square feet, and the powder room about 20 square feet.  The the big and heavy black slab door we built for the powder room entrance is 56" wide.  And the reason for the width is because our client wanted to hang a framed print on it and the print is big.  Another creative use of the sliding barn door!

The orange plastic over on the door to your left is the entrance to the kitchen...but more importantly, look at the black door!!

The kitchen is di-colour with black cabinets at the bottom and white at the top...trendy and hip...and of course very beautiful.  So with a kitchen like that, you can imagine how nice it is when the orange plastic cover is lifted from the entrance so that you can see the flow of blacks from the kitchen to the breakfast room.  Young and Lawrence, that's where all the beautiful things are found!

Because this is a door to the powder room, we installed a lock for privacy.

inside the powder room and locked.


Just to let you see how small the room is, I didn't have much choice in terms of different angles when I took these pictures, I had to step out into the back yard for this one.