3 ZiliOTTO stores across Toronto has got the sliding barn door!

From Bloor West to Queen West, to the Danforth...the chic and classy clothing store Ziliotto www.ziliotto.com has got it all -- the clothes and the doors! This is the Bloor West location.  I have that Maxi dress on the side there in black...hehe

Danforth, right by Pape. Cute door !

Everyone should know what a trendsetter I am (yes, a self-proclaimed one too might I add), so when I discovered the clothing in this store, I was excited about wearing them, and wearing them while assisting with the door installation!  All the doors are salvaged by the owner themselves, we did the installation of the hardware.

Queen West.  And of course, that's me showing off the dress and the finished installation of the hardware.  This is one of my favourite dresses from Ziliotto, so comfortable and fun!

You see, Ziliotto has three locations, and Jennifer the designer wanted all three stores to have the same look, so the sliding barn door is to separate the entrance to the back room and the displaying store front.  It was really fun travelling to all the stores for installation (and a little shopping on my part...shhhh).

There's the father and Son duo.  We also enlisted our father's help with this.  He's probably has one of the best workmanship I know, and extremely experienced.  He does the finest tiling and flooring!  He did our house when we gutted out after buying it.

Well, now I have a good excuse to go to Ziliotto -- to visit the doors of course!