What Do You Say We Put a Barn in Our Condo?

Yay! Let's do it!  Well, not exactly a barn but close enough.  These two massive sliding barn doors hanging on a frame made of barn board in a small condo downtown Toronto is enough to take your breath away...or make you feel like you've got a barn sitting in the condo!


When our client got their one bedroom condo, their first intention was to build a wall out of drywall to cover the den and have one  sliding barn door as the entrance so that it acts as a guest bedroom.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), building code does not allow a wall to be built there.  Our client's next step was to look through our blog, and voila, he found the bypass system which he thought was perfect as it acts as a wall and an entrance!

This the den with no walls.  We need some barn doors to transform it into a second bedroom...not to mention adding a wow factor to the whole condo!

With that, we were set to design a way to make this work.  This involved building a wood frame and covering it with barn boards, then attaching the two doors.

First step:  Creating a frame around the opening.

Covering the frame with barn boards.

View from the inside of the den.  The white door with the tow cool hooks is the entrance to the condo.

That was the first install, getting the framing done.  Now we come back for the second install, which are the doors.  And look, all of a sudden you have a guest bedroom and a barn all at once! Once the doors are hung, it's like installation art (a barn in a condo, pretty artsy wouldn't you say?)  This really blurs the lines between high art, interior design, and just doing what you love to your space.  Uh oh, am I doing art speak here? Would someone let me know what I'm saying?



This is inside the den once everything was installed.  It's really cozy, like you're inside a barn. Lucky guests.

A look from the inside with Rock on the outside.

And all this time, did I mention the fact our client's condo has the coolest most memorable, most awesome things in it?  Forget about interior trends and rules, everything in the place reflects who they are, from the art work to orange kitchenware... and it was really fun working there...and that's what makes this condo really hip!  There's a collection of images of Madonna hanging above the sofa...and guess what?  Our client has created a Madonna fan website.  Check it out! www.absolutemadonna.com

Once we left for the day, our client surprised us by sending in a picture of a door handle they made themselves using pipes bought at Home Depot for $12!  It looks amazing!

Look at the door handle!


And of course, this is Rock and I after the install.


And these are the proud owners of the barn installation! Can you tell they are're fun to be with? And look at Rock in the mirror...