If you have the space for a 5 feet by 10 feet long walnut dining table, then why not!  A little intimidating to sit for dinner at this table, but think about all the food it can hold...oh, and not to mention all the guests you can have.  Be prepare for some envious eyes though. The table just got finished waiting to be delivered at our workshop.  Rock is very proud.

It started out because our client up-sized to a big house from a condo downtown Toronto.  So the dining table they had looked a little midget in the large dinning room.  After getting the walnut slab door on sliding hardware from us for their master bed,  it just makes sense to get a walnut slab dinning table suitable for a long feast!  Yes, the table is the same one we have in our dinning room and we called it "The Long Feast", but our kitchen and dining room combined is 200 square feet, so our Long Feast is a little short and small compared to this Long we all called it the Extra Big and Long Feast!

We had a little photo shoot of the table at our workshop, can't help it, it was fun!

Simple lines of this table is what makes it versatile.  Our client is thinking of putting Eiffel metal base chairs to contrast with the massive amount of walnut wood.

This is one of my favourit picture of the table.  To me, a big dinning table means family and friends (I think to most people, I shouldn't be egocentric), so a nice solid table in the house is very grounding for the family and so naturally, very good Feng Shui.

This is my other favourit picture of the table because something as functional as a dinning table can be stylized down to just lines and shadows.

One last picture before we part with it (it's very painful for Rock).

You must be wanting to see it in the client's house by now.  Look below.  It took 3 moving men to carry it it in and one Rock to assemble the legs to the table top.  I'm always, of course, prancing around, not doing much (but not much gets done without me though).

Wait!  Sorry, I can't find my SD card with all the pictures in it!  Stay tune...getting it to it soon...I know I'm torturing you.