Cherry blossoms in your home NOW!

DSC_8673 We just had a party at our house, and I wanted something festive and fresh for the house, and have it be fun also.  My mom has a cherry tree that I begged for some branches (it's her beloved tree).  To make it fun and festive, I wrapped candy in Japanese paper, and I wrote silly fortunes inside the paper like you'll never grow old, or you'll be married in two years, or you'll move to another country 10 years from now.  I hang these candy fortune up so that the guests can pick them.


You can use any paper you like, or wrap anything that fancies you, and write any fortune your imagination can get a hold of, and let these cherry branches be the life of the party!

To get your cherry branches to bloom, put them in very warm water when you bring them in.  Continue to add/change to warm water everyday and if you can put it beside a heater, or on top a rad it will bloom faster.  It usually takes about one and a half to two weeks to bloom.



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