Walnut Slab Sliding Barn Door Finds a Home For Itself in Bracebridge, Muskoka

Remember the beautiful slab walnut door we made for a Toronto home?  Well, the walnut door wanted to explore new worlds, and find itself right at home in this modern condo in Bracebridge.  Sliding on the stainless steel barn door hardware, it looks just as gorgeous as it sounds..."walnut slab door"...mmmm. This is to cover a recreational room so that it can be used as a second bedroom in the future.

French doors were originally the doors for the entrance to the room.  But how can they compete with a walnut slab door sliding on stainless steel barn door hardware?

View from the hall once closed.  It provides a a simple yet stunning focal point to the condo when you walk in.

View from the inside on the room.


Walnut door in the making.

Rock and rollers :)