The Chalkboard Wardrobe

Looking for a free-standing wardrobe for the front of the house to store the kids jackets and shoes, our client came to us asking for a design that brings a little fun while still maintains the formality of the house.  More importantly is the durability factor--kids! We drew this 3D design before making it, and the only difference between this and the real thing is the colour of the handles, the vertical is yellow in real life and blue in the drawing!

In place after delivery.

For the fun part, we suggested to have the panels of the doors painted in chalk board paint, and the handles to be of bright colours, different lengths, and installed one vertical and one horizontal.  For the durability, we suggested to go with white oak since our client wanted a lighter wood because the house already has many dark wood elements such as the floor.  White oak is modern and beautiful, and it has the colour of bamboo, and bamboo is quite the "in" thing these days.

A portable mudroom!  Pretty convenient.

I thought the wardrobe should have legs so that it doesn't look too heavy, the legs are made of walnut so that it blends in with the dark floor to give the wardrobe a floating feel.

Look!  It's me actually doing some work (cleaning the chalk board before delivering the wardrobe). I've been waiting for a picture like this to show that I, in fact, do work at the shop.   That's my father in-law making sure I don't screw something up.

I hope the kids (and parents) have fun with the chalkboard.  I can't wait to see what it looks like with chalk play on it!