Somewhere North of Barrie, in Waubaushene is a Door Sliding on the Heavy Metal

We are driving North again, and again with a door on the roof and the sliding hardware inside the SUV, we are cruising to the destination on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Once we arrived, there was a beautifully just-built home in the middle of a forest!  And this house needed a sliding door made of pine for the en-suite in the bedroom upstairs to go with the rest of the pine architectural beams in the house.

As you can see, the house is newly--super newly built.  It still needs to be primed and painted...but the sliding door has got to be in first!

All can see is the forest when you look out.  So romantic.

Installed.  This is before the door gets stained to match with the rest of the pine.

Beautiful even before the room is painted!