New! Our signature walnut stools!!

We are excited to launch our new solid walnut piece, the loveable and sturdy walnut stools!! It comes in 2 heights, 18" and 9" It is perfect for that occasional seating, side table, or an accent piece. It be used as stools for a dining set, or console. We use the little one as a stepping stool for our toddlers in the bathroom, it looks great!

Here they are!


We use the larger stool here as an accent piece for our living room.

A look at the larger size.

Please inquire for pricing and sizes.


The walnut live edge desk for a newly revived home office

The waterfall edge is stunning with a live edge walnut piece because it actually does look like water is falling. This was made using one continuous solid piece of live edge walnut. The corner is mitered for that seamless fall.

The waterfall edge is stunning with a live edge walnut piece because it actually does look like water is falling. This was made using one continuous solid piece of live edge walnut. The corner is mitered for that seamless fall.

Need I say again? Walnut, walnut, walnut. We can't have enough walnut. It is timeless beauty.

Set against the white built-in cabinetry and the grey tones rug, the walnut desk with raw steel legs really pops.

Set against the white built-in cabinetry and the grey tones rug, the walnut desk with raw steel legs really pops.

This is the view coming into the front door on your left side. Our client were thinking of putting a navy blue chair with this, I think it would look gorgeous because of that nice contrast between the deep blue and the yellow/brown warmth of the walnut, against a neutral backdrop. 

A closer look at the live edge. This would also work nicely as a mantle, or a simple kitchen island.

A closer look at the live edge. This would also work nicely as a mantle, or a simple kitchen island.

View from the dining room area looking into the the home office

View from the dining room area looking into the the home office

Another look !

Another look !

Space Saving for Small Mudroom

For a small house without a hallway closet, this little built-in was the best solution for storage, and a coat station. The space is in the back room where where coats, shoes, bags, etc. were dumped,  it was always a mess... ...until now.  A space of 44" w x 96 h x 18" d was salvaged for a built-in entirely of solid white oak to act as a pantry, coat closet, shoe rack, purse rack, and everything in between.

This little room in the back of the house use to be the kitchen!  Can  you believe it? I'm a believer in small space living and even though I'm not a cook, this kitchen was a little too little.

View of our kitchen.


The cabinet oors are painted a blue that would contrast gently with the white oak and yellow door.

Close up of the walnut handle, it's a clean and crisp line and it goes with all our walnut pieces such as the dinning table, console, and vanity in the powder room.

If you would like a build-in storage unit with thoughtful space saving considerations...consider talking to us!

My Dream Console Table

After much complaining and whining about the fact that I don't have a work space (partly because our house is so small), Rock finally made me a wall mounted console table to my desire! It would have to work together with all the pieces we have in the house, and work in a way that virtually takes up no space and still be functional.

Here is the finished product, the large door at the bottom is for the printer and storage of the camera, external hard drives, and printing paper; the top drawers are for everything else.

It sits right in a little nook have here, just enough to house a laptop and for me to do paper work. Ideal for small spaces.  The dimensions are 50"L x 16" D x 22H

The drawers and doors are made of baltic birch plywood, with holes routed in for handles.  The framing around is made of solid walnut.  I am in love with it!

If you would like a custom built console for your work space that seamlessly blends in with your house, contact us!

Ohh La La...Sleek and Sophisticated Dining Set in a Modern Reno

55Design is back on our blog, this time they have The Long Feast walnut dining table and matching bench in mind for a modern reno in the Danforth. This Long Feast walnut table is 42 inches x 10 feet with a matching bench that is 8 feet long

These chairs gives a bit of warmth to the sleekness of the table set and house.

Rock and my father-in-law really worked hard to get the table and bench done before Christmas because that's what was asked of us. They leave the workshop at 10 pm everyday, you don't want to know the face I have on when Rock gets home at that time. But I promise it was a beautiful face when I saw the finished table and bench at the shop.

Are you ready for a complete make over of your house and have a stunning dining set to complete the look?  Talk to 55Design, because you will be glad you did, and everything will work out from there!

The Pedestal Walnut Table Roams the City Again

Hillcrest seems to be a great area in Toronto, and the 4 feet by 10 feet pedestal walnut table thinks so too!  So that's where it's will settle, in a beautifully and delightfully renovated house along with many charming pieces such as a salvaged orange vanity on the main floor powder room. The living room has been turned into the dinning room since eating is much more fun than sitting around on sofas.

Even the furry member of the house is excited about the new table.  I hope he knows not to jump up on the table.

My father in-law standing proud since he and Rock built this table together!  Rock has to step aside and share the fame.

I'm being invited back in the new year when the chairs are in and the renovation is more settled to take photos of the place!  I'm very excited about that and very excited to see what chairs our client fancies for this table!

Custom Home Office in Forest Hill, Toronto

This is not your ordinary home office, it is made with much thought and style. The dominating wood element here goes very well with the location of the house, Forest Hill! came up with the design of the entire office and contacted us to have it built, from the sliding barn door, to the shelves, to the desk and the counter top, to the installation of the units and lighting, we were asked to make it happen, and look! It happened. After completion of the installation, it took two days and lots of hard work to mae this happen


Look from the other side and seeing the other wall with cabinets, a counter top and shelves.

closer look at the the wall with the counter top.

closer look at the desk.  It is the most distressed piece here and it sure does make a statement.


Feeling pretty good after the installation.  Do you wonder why the room looks so clean after the install?  it's because we clean up after ourselves every time!

Now are you inspired enough to get a home office going?


The Chalkboard Wardrobe

Looking for a free-standing wardrobe for the front of the house to store the kids jackets and shoes, our client came to us asking for a design that brings a little fun while still maintains the formality of the house.  More importantly is the durability factor--kids! We drew this 3D design before making it, and the only difference between this and the real thing is the colour of the handles, the vertical is yellow in real life and blue in the drawing!

In place after delivery.

For the fun part, we suggested to have the panels of the doors painted in chalk board paint, and the handles to be of bright colours, different lengths, and installed one vertical and one horizontal.  For the durability, we suggested to go with white oak since our client wanted a lighter wood because the house already has many dark wood elements such as the floor.  White oak is modern and beautiful, and it has the colour of bamboo, and bamboo is quite the "in" thing these days.

A portable mudroom!  Pretty convenient.

I thought the wardrobe should have legs so that it doesn't look too heavy, the legs are made of walnut so that it blends in with the dark floor to give the wardrobe a floating feel.

Look!  It's me actually doing some work (cleaning the chalk board before delivering the wardrobe). I've been waiting for a picture like this to show that I, in fact, do work at the shop.   That's my father in-law making sure I don't screw something up.

I hope the kids (and parents) have fun with the chalkboard.  I can't wait to see what it looks like with chalk play on it!



If you have the space for a 5 feet by 10 feet long walnut dining table, then why not!  A little intimidating to sit for dinner at this table, but think about all the food it can hold...oh, and not to mention all the guests you can have.  Be prepare for some envious eyes though. The table just got finished waiting to be delivered at our workshop.  Rock is very proud.

It started out because our client up-sized to a big house from a condo downtown Toronto.  So the dining table they had looked a little midget in the large dinning room.  After getting the walnut slab door on sliding hardware from us for their master bed,  it just makes sense to get a walnut slab dinning table suitable for a long feast!  Yes, the table is the same one we have in our dinning room and we called it "The Long Feast", but our kitchen and dining room combined is 200 square feet, so our Long Feast is a little short and small compared to this Long we all called it the Extra Big and Long Feast!

We had a little photo shoot of the table at our workshop, can't help it, it was fun!

Simple lines of this table is what makes it versatile.  Our client is thinking of putting Eiffel metal base chairs to contrast with the massive amount of walnut wood.

This is one of my favourit picture of the table.  To me, a big dinning table means family and friends (I think to most people, I shouldn't be egocentric), so a nice solid table in the house is very grounding for the family and so naturally, very good Feng Shui.

This is my other favourit picture of the table because something as functional as a dinning table can be stylized down to just lines and shadows.

One last picture before we part with it (it's very painful for Rock).

You must be wanting to see it in the client's house by now.  Look below.  It took 3 moving men to carry it it in and one Rock to assemble the legs to the table top.  I'm always, of course, prancing around, not doing much (but not much gets done without me though).

Wait!  Sorry, I can't find my SD card with all the pictures in it!  Stay tune...getting it to it soon...I know I'm torturing you.



Furnishing Leslieville: Part 2 -- The Dream Breakfast Nook

After installing the bed we called a client who had referred us to his friend who wanted this bed!  He lives 3 blocks away and is the process of renovating his kitchen.  We wanted to come see how his kitchen is coming along and check out the walnut table for the breakfast nook he had commissioned us to make. It was dazzling seeing that walnut table in a white and blue kitchen with glossy dark grey floors!

Dreaming of the blue sea for breakfast

The home owner had a sentimetal coral leaf he found framed and hung above the bench which echo nicely with the star fish bowl -- hinting faintly at the sea. And that wild and lovely pendant above, a giant clam with a pearl that light up (literally).

Our baby had discovered where the wines are stash, on a little wine rack beside the bench.

You see, the legs are salvaged sewing machine legs that belong to the original table in that nook. Because the original table top was ugly (the owner's words, not mine :)) he wanted a polished walnut table slab to off set the uncanny beauty of these rusted iron lacy legs. Can you blame him? My favourite part of the legs is the word "CLIMAX" spelled out across the bottom in iron.  This table belongs with that sturdy bed, I tell you! (Read part 1 of Furnishing Leslieville to know what I mean)

Look for a word in the legs.  Can you just imagine yourself having breakfast or dinner for two here?

We took the table to our mud room when it was done, and as you can see, these legs can be paired together with a more perfect table top!


A closer look at the walnut table top.

Even if the kitchen is not completely finished...still waiting on the back splash which will be extra long beveled white subway tiles (ummm...yummy) the kitchen just looks fabulous!

If you've missed "Furnishing Leslieville Part 1",  check it out !

Contact us if you would like to inquire about this table. Check out our other dining table here.

Furnishing Leslieville: Part 1 -- The White Room with the "Firry Old Pine" bed

Yesterday--a Saturday, at 8:00 am, we loaded the top of the SUV with a dissembled custom bed, and the back seat with our baby and away we went! Destination? The hip Leslieville of Toronto! The making of the bed on our deck.

The bed is specially made to the liking of our client using reclaimed pine head board and reclaimed Douglas Fir frame, hence the name "Firry Old Pine".   And because delivery and assembly is free with large custom furniture, Rock was putting the bed together in the bedroom while I walked the baby around the neigbourhood.  All these cool shops! And they seem to be so updated with new designs and reclaimed wood furnishings, even the people in them are updated (young, young hip people). You know you're in a well to do neighbourhood when you see a  shop with a sign "Revive your health with alternative and natural threapies " --OHIP do not pay for these methods of health preservation! I want to live here!!

The baby finally fell asleep and I went back to see the finished product.  Our client already had the bed made!  This is the "White Room" in the making, (constrast to the "Black Room" down the hall), with the white chandelier--and soon, there will be a white painting painted by the home owner himself.


Does that white chandelier look beautiful with the bed?

The frame is joined with mitre corners.  The original doweling holes  is an accessory to the frame.

The head board is what makes this bed cozy...the perfect touch of rustic and charm

Rock testing out the sturdiness of the bed...and it sure is sturrrdy! Do you want on this one :)

Stay tune for part 2 of Furnishing Leslieville--a kitchen tour after this bed assembly.

Contact us if you would like to inquire about this bed or feel free to check out our other works.


The barn board cabinet

We were commissioned to make a little cabinet out of barn boards.   Our client gave us the dimensions with a few requests, and the freedom to do what we thought was best.  So we went ahead and did it.  When it was done, I love it so much, I carried it in myself from the garage to put it in a corner in our house where I thought fit best.  Being a little thing, it is quite heavy. Wait a minute...this is not mine to do this...yes, I know, I'm just borrowing.  You know how it is, you just want to put it in the spot you have in mind so you can accessorize it and have a little fantasy break.  But I'll make sure to have this fantasy turned into reality. I hope Rock gets the hint. barn_board_vertical_chest

Looking from the top


Our client wanted this cabinet to hide an unsightly electrical media set that he doesn't use often, and just have his ipod neatly rested on top.  He would access the media unit from the top, opening it like a chest.

A hole was cut out in the back to allow electrical wires to be plugged in.

We made the legs out of walnut, they are slightly tapered and a nice contrast to the rustic barn boards.


Here is where this cabinet really belongs!  In our client's log cabin.

Situated in the log cabin with the TV and the fire place, this little corner comes to life in an unexpected way.  An odd and irresistible combination.

My fantasy still persists though, and I fantasize this cabinet to be a wine and treat stash.  That would mean the door would have to open in the front with shelves inside.  Stay tune, you'll see this version soon enough.  And if you would like a treat stash before I get mine, let me know!