The Black Barn Door Completes this Chic Bathroom.

When our client sent in these pictures, I was in awe at how beautifully the bathroom was created with a black and white theme. The bold part was for them to paint the barn door we custom made in black! I love how the black fixtures go so well with the black barn door. It is simply stunning!


Before the door was painted.

If you want to steal this look (I hope our client don't mind), talk to us!


All the Way from Newfoundland!

Our clients flew in from Newfoundland for a business trip and picked up the Heavy Metal barn door hardware to take back on the plane back with him! Talking about efficiency. Once back, it was only a few days before we received an email with the installed doors! Nevertheless, his wife was very pleased.

V for Victory!

This looks like a coat closet! Wow, so much room. And it can all be covered up in style with a slide of these lovely doors our client made himself.

Contact us if you want your coat closet to look like this.


A Basement Reno in Sudbury that Fancies Barn Doors

Here is a testimonial from our client in Sudbury, Ontario: "Dealing with 1925 Workbench has been a real pleasure. As we all know renovations can be a huge stress especially when thinking outside the box and trying something different like barn doors vs traditional doors.

You were both highly efficient and were very welcoming when we first met at your shop. Ordering was quick with the final product being better than expected. Hanging the doors was surprisingly simple and the end result made the room pop in a non traditional yet exciting way.

Thanks so much and all the best!!"

Michael Cullen

Sudbury, Ontario

Michael from Sudbury made the doors himself using knotty pine, and hang them on the biparting barn door hardware for a wow factor in his basement. Great job Michael.

heavy_metal_sudbury_2If you would like the biparting barn door for your space, contact us!

MJ Architecture is Home to a Sliding Slab Door

Going into an architect's home, one feels different, everything just seems like it was meant to be there.  There is a sense of confident in every piece you see in the space, from the lighting to an old chair, and of course, to a 9 feet tall sliding slab door as the one you see here in MJ Architecture's home. The place was redone, with the hallway wall ripped down, and the sliding slab door here is the entrance to the dinning room.  Notice the flooring, the patch up hardwood running the opposite direction is where the wall used to be.  I love how it is done so purposefully, conserving the history that there used to be wall.

My personal favourite style is electric, and this just does it!  It is so much more interesting and fun to be a space like that.  But I think there is a skill in matching things that don't really "match"

We made this slab door using solid 1-3/4" thick molding grade pine and white wash it to give that nice simple finish.  The heavy Metal barn door hardware accessorizes the door

If you would like to have the slab door to make a statement in your space, talk to us! If you would like your space beautifully created with an architect's mind, contact MJ Architecture!

You Can Fly and Slide at the Queen West Studio!

Colin and Natalie from FLY Queen West just sent in this picture of their newly designed and finished yoga and Pilate studio boutique. You would already feel well just being in this beautiful space!

See the purple hanging cloth nests at the end there? They are for hanging and flying!! I couldn't believe it when I was told that's what they are for!  Wellness can be so fun!  And when you are tired and just want to do a bit of sliding, there are two sliding barn doors for you to do just that!

Check out the studio for yourself and see what I mean about the the beauty and fun of staying well!

Do you want your studio or work space to have sliding barn doors like FLY Queen West? Contact us!


Sliding in the Mudroom

Our client just sent in a photo of the finished installation of her two heritage doors using our Heavy Metal sliding barn door hardware.  Looks pretty good!  If you want to mount without the wood block behind the track like this one, it is much better if  have a solid beam running across above the opening.  Our client had the room built from scratch, so she was able to have the solid beam up before the drywalling. They are gorgeous looking!