House&Home magazine Fall2015 small space issue features our house!

We had so much fun doing the photo shoot with House&Home. Kai and Morgan were so good at making our place look fantastic (that's right, our house don't normally look like this). Thank you Virginia and Sara for photographing our house in the best light! The family portrait. Khai (the baby) is just about to fall asleep, so no smiles from him, only a little frustration with all the locomotion.


Dan is a favourite here. And that's not a TV on the wall, it's actually a photograph of a TV, by me. Want to see more?

And that's what H&H looks like for September 2015


We are Featured in Designlines For Hire!!

We were really excited to have Designlines magazine feature 1925Workbench in their 2014 fall issue "For Hire"!! Designlines is Toronto's ultimate design guide! We were even more excited to have Shannon Anderson, an art writer and curator, write the article. We love the title...Let it Slide. The photo shoot with Naomi Finlay was so much fun at one of our client house, yes, the one who transformed her house with three barn door systems! Take a look for yourself !

Or get a copy in print at any design venues (funiture store, condo sales centre, art galleries are some examples)'s FREE!

We have never been in a photo shoot together before, and I have to say it was so much fun to have our photograph taken beside the infamous yellow X door!


Our New Workshop...

...or workbench I should say. Yes, we have moved  our 200 square feet workshop to a 1,200 square feet one -- talk about space shock! After many beloved doors, barn door hardware, and pieces of furniture created in our garage and deck, I'm happy (yes, really happy because I can finally enjoy the deck) that Rock will be working in a less constricted environment. He won't have the luxury of running in and out for drinks and little hug time with the baby, but he won't have to get too creative with constantly moving things around in that tiny garage to accomodate new projects either.

But our house, the original workbench, is still the showroom for our work.  You just have to now pick up your order at the new workshop, which is 5 minutes from our house.

Welcome to 1925 Workbench, 1,200 square feet workshop!

What's All That Jazz in Chicago?

It's the addition of two 8 foot high solid walnut doors on a Heavy Metal sliding hardware of course!  Soon, Chicago will receive a freight shipment of these two doors and hardware to Jazz up a newly built home in its city. Yes, they are big doors!

There they are resting against the side of the garage.









These are the hardware to go with the doors.  They have been finished flat black to give it a polished look.

Making these two walnut doors wasn't an easy task.  First of all, they are oversized at 96" high by 38" wide shaker style.  And secondly, they have to be shipped to Chicago along with the Heavy Metal barn door hardware to hang them on.  But it was all worthed in the end when they are done and looking magnificent.  Now I want walnut doors...Rock is going to kill me. I want I want I want.
These doors were made from scatch and made using loose tenons technique with rout-out slots for the panels and glass.

the loose tenon that joins the panels together was also made of walnut.  Yes, we like walnut that much!

Putting the doors together.










vacuuming and cleaning the doors before putting the finish on.

Details of the door.











We are sorry we won't get to see them hung in real life unless we visit Chicago one day.  But at least we took lots of pictures before shipping them.  Photography was invented for something.

Showing the baby how the doors were put together.

That's me showing off the doors I didn't make.  Well, I helped with the carrying because one person can not handle this size and weight.

All said and done, we were happy to be able to make Chicago light up, because of course, it was just dull before this.

Do you want something similar? Contact us to discuss, or check out our other works.


NEW! Walnut Rollers for your sliding barn door hardware!

wood_wheels OUR NEW ADDITION TO THE BARN DOOR HARDWARE - WALNUT WHEELS!  Nothing beats walnut, a timeless (but at the moment, very trendy) beautiful wood. These wheels are like little treasures, and we have great fun making them.  Yes, they are handmade from solid walnut by Rock.  Attached to the hangers and mounted on your door, they  have an organic, and industrious feel...yes, yes, all of those buzz words. Simply yummy!


Purchasing your sliding barn door hardware - a few things to consider

The sliding barn door has become and architectural element that brings interest in your home space and since we design the hardware to be as DIY as possible, it should be a piece of cake installing it yourself - we provide detail instruction to make it as easy as possible for you to install. Right. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a sliding barn door hardware kit:

  1. There is an existing door that you are planning to use - Let it be a left over interior door or a sentimental, interesting barn door that will accentuate the look of your space - it should be at least 2" wider than your door opening. We recommend that overlap for privacy reasons.
  2. If you don't have a door yet and would like us to fabricate one for you - we offer various style of barn doors and you can choose to have it fabricated using new wood and stain to the colour of your liking, or using reclaimed barn boards at very affordable price. (Starting at $220). Please see below for door styles, and if you don't see one that suits you, please let us know and we will work with you to build one to your exact specification. Barn door style
  3. There is door trim at the door opening - It is recommended that your door should be 1/2"-1" higher than the door opening + door trim.
  4. There are baseboard & quarter round - How thick are they?  Please let us know when ordering so that we can accommodate the thickness.

We always clarify all these details with you when you inquire but we thought that it would be informational to have it here.