Sculpting a door out of barn boards and having it revolve in the middle of a house.

Building, making, and constructing a door is what we normally do, but sculpting one and have it revolve in the middle of a house takes a bit more work than we're used to. But our client wanted just that. The door then became a sculpture and a room divider for this modern home in Bayview and Steeles The door is 7" thick, over 6' wide and 7' high.

Take a look for yourself and see if this is really a barn board door or a barn board sculpture?

Rock is getting the revolving hardware in place, while my brother is cutting out some baseboards to make room for the door. No need to mention here how big the door is.

Ta-ra! i's in place and now rotates if you push it.

Behind the door is the kitchen and dining area, and in front of it is a sitting area and an office.


This is view from kitchen and dining area.


When the door is revolved to a position that it cuts the opening in half.

The red clock is where the office is.

Here is a view when it in a position of closing the opening.

Last one, that's Rock's pony tail.

If you like to have a revolving door in your house, talk to us! 

A Lofty Office Gets the Reclaimed Treatment

Check out this hip office with a stunning barn door made of reclaimed barn board and custom aluminum hardware. The planks on the door are held together with aluminum straps to match the hardware. The hardware uses the aluminum spoke wheels and aluminum flat track. The door also has a long aluminum handle. All custom made.

Notice there is a featured wall inside the room with barn board cladding.

Here is the featured wall. Our client want to mount the TV in the center of this This looks like a board meeting room, I don't think I'll be able to concentrate in any meeting if the the TV is mounted on this wall and the door is just off to the side like this. What torture!

If you like the flat track custom made in aluminum, contact us!


Sliding barn door hardware bypass style installation


As I've mentioned in a previous post, Hanging two doors | By-pass style, where we can make modification to The Heavy Metal flat track hardware to accommodate double doors in a bypass style configuration, this post will feature the actual installation. We were commissioned to fabricate 3 doors out of barn board and install them in a beautiful log cottage up in Muskoka. I hope I have an opportunity to come back in the future.

Let's get to business. Below is the initial planning before installation begins:

Sliding barn door hardware bypass initial planning

You can already appreciate the beauty of the log cabin and the great contrast the barn board doors have on the wall. We needed to protect the floor, which is reclaimed wood from the Ottawa river, so we rested the doors on a few coffee bean bags.

Mounting the track was really straight forward, no stud finder was needed as we were able to spot the nails securing the tongues and groves on the studs.

Here is mounting the doors:

Sliding barn door hardware bypass hanging doors


and this is how it looks when completed

Sliding barn door hardware bypass close


We intentionally took this picture that shows a sail boat - this is one of fully functional sail boats that the client collects from all over the world as his hobby. He as about 30 of them.

And finally, this how the doors look when they are fully opened:

Sliding barn door hardware bypass open


Please feel free to contact us and discuss with us if you want a similar set up.