House&Home magazine Fall2015 small space issue features our house!

We had so much fun doing the photo shoot with House&Home. Kai and Morgan were so good at making our place look fantastic (that's right, our house don't normally look like this). Thank you Virginia and Sara for photographing our house in the best light! The family portrait. Khai (the baby) is just about to fall asleep, so no smiles from him, only a little frustration with all the locomotion.


Dan is a favourite here. And that's not a TV on the wall, it's actually a photograph of a TV, by me. Want to see more?

And that's what H&H looks like for September 2015


An old factory loft becomes homey with the barn door transformation

And old factory in New Market has been turned info beautiful living lofts. But what is missing in these lofts are the real barn doors that truly transforms the space. We retrofitted three openings in this two-bedroom unit, two openings with double doors, and one single door closet, and home couldn't be cozier.

This is one set of the double biparting doors for the second bedroom. How lovely are these doors with that ceiling!

On the other side of the room is the master bed and there is another set of double biparting doors as the entrance.

Inside the master bed is the single door for the closet.

View from outside the master bedroom .

From inside the master bed, it is absolutely gorgeous. The frosted glass provide privacy at the same time adds light.

If you lay on the master bed, and look out, this would be your escape better than the Bahama's 5 start hotel!


Sporting Life Ottawa received 4 barn doors for Christmas

Now that we are in July and it's so hot, it makes me think about the bitterly cold day of December 1st when Sporting life Ottawa received 4 early Christmas gifts, 2 in red and 2 in black. The cottage feel that Sporting Life is known for has just top the scale once these four doors were installed. This distressed red barn door on the Heavy Metal hardware covers up the access opening of the display window.

The other red door, also covering access to the display window

Far view of both red doors on the main floor.

The two black barn doors are for the fitting room upstairs, both to cover an access to the window display.

The black is great with the wooden fitting stalls and that light grey pattern rug.


Summerhill Optical is seeing barn doors

Located on a residential street minutes from Summerhill subway station, this amazing optical clinic ( will having you seeing all things beautiful! They have the most exotic and beautiful glasses frames I have ever seen. And all these frames are sitting there in this stunningly hip space---eclectic and elegant at the same time. And to top off the beauty of the space, Dr. Naeem has asked us to create doors to cover an unsightly nook that houses electrical panels. These bypassing barn doors covers a nook right in front of the store that houses electrical panels. Now they are the center of attention!

I'm not kidding about the amazing frames you'll find here. There are even frames made of wood. Those are my favorite!

The space is filled with personality but still retains a sense of minimalism and tranquility.

Not only is the space where you want to come to have your eyes checked and feast on the frames, but you'll enjoy your time with Dr. Naeem and his staff--amazing customer service. I know because I've seen it while I was there photographing, and through working with Dr. Naeem on the barn door.

One last look at the barn door. As you can see, the horizontal lines of the barn boards mimic the horizontal lines of the shelves for the frames creating an echo that bounces back and forth across the walls.

We hit the Interior Design Show 2015 this weekend!

Our first time at the IDS, and we are pretty excited! We'll be part of the featured exhibition "Maker". Come and check out what we have to offer! Our booth number is 2225 at the Metro Toronto Conventional Center. The show is from Jan 23 to Jan 25. Please see more info on IDS website Just like our home, our booth is really small, in fact the smallest one there--but we compensate.

Here is us setting up for the show

Rock doing last minute touches. Behind him is a wall of hardware.

We decided to do a traditional style barn door on the horseshoe hardware.  Thewalnut credenza is named "work horse" because of the white paws for the legs, and it is completely solid walnut. So are the stools here, one made as a stepping stool  for a toddler, and the other one is an occasional stool.

A 600sqf Condo is Not Shy from Style...Especially with the Help of the Barn Doors

The entrance to the bedroom is left opened in this small condo, so to create privacy at the same time as adding some really cool elements to the space, our clients have opted for the Union Jack double barn doors stained grey. Our clients have really nice sense of style with striped sheet pattern which goes so well with these panel barn doors.

Union Jack Doors have become the focal point of the condo and look at that rug beside's perfect pairing for a sense of unexpectedness.

Because our client does not have a full length mirror in the condo, they thought it would work out nicely if the bathroom is sliding barn door mirror. And so we made it happen.


Here is the side where you get to see a bit of the bathroom. What an ingenious idea for a bathroom door!

Bypass Panel Glass Doors for Closet in a Victorian Home Downtown Toronto

Hello closet doors! Being without closet doors can be unsettling, especially if your closet is not the most mine. But our client's closet seems quite neat, hence he is so bold to go with the frosted glass panels (I wouldn't even venture there). These are doors on the telescopic bypass hardware. We had to install this because it is tricky installing door so that they slide and nestle on the adjacent wall.

You can still make out what's inside, but it does a neat job at diffusing closet stuff into something that might look artsy.

Notice the exposed brick wall, very nice with the sliding barn doors.



A Touch of Farmhouse Makes this Dreamy Nursery Official

Up, up on the 29th floor of a modern condo in Mississauga, a nursery is complete with the addition of the barn door. This nursery was a den before, and now with a beautiful barn door, it has upgraded itself to the "second bedroom" status. That's good news for resale time. We had to create a headspace with a woodblock in order for the heavy metal barn door hardware track to be mounted on. And the result is a touch of farm house in this dreamy white on white nursery.




Black flush pulls were installed for the door. As you can see the adjacent interior door, the barn door was made to mimic the paneling those doors.

Before the barn door revolution.

An Update to the Industrial Office Loft

I finally got a chance to see this awesome office in Liberty village for myself. And it's gorgeous! Now that the furniture and the company's logo is up, everything works together to make this an office to awe over. The original post is here As you enter, this is what you are greeted with!

Inside the board room where the barn door is used for the entrance, you see this! It's like working under heaven's light (the skylight window really helps)

Doesn't it look like heaven is looking down inside this board room?

Here is a close up of the handle for the door.

Close up of the aluminum hardware.


An Eclectic Home Makes a Bold Move with Two Yellow Barn Doors

Say hello to yellow, the Danforth! Just look at this main floor closet covered with two brightly painted barn door on our bypass system. The two doors are are 7' high, made out of poplar and painted a curry spice yellow.yellow_Z_door_bypass_02



If you would like us to build the barn doors and install a bypass system for your closet, contact us!

The Old Joists gets Re-purposed into this Beautiful Barn Door

When our client decided to demolish their house and rebuild from scratch, they couldn't bear to throw away the old joists that held up the house for all these years. They instead contacted us and ask if a slab barn door can be made with their joists, and the result... is a beautiful, sentimental, and historically important piece of art that happens to also function as a sliding door for their hallway.

These joists were old old pine. They were milled down to make a slab door, but still retained enough character to speak to the history of the house.

Can you imagine how beautiful it is to have this is a completely new and modern space?

If you would like a door or table made from your own reclaimed wood, contact us!


A Lofty Office Gets the Reclaimed Treatment

Check out this hip office with a stunning barn door made of reclaimed barn board and custom aluminum hardware. The planks on the door are held together with aluminum straps to match the hardware. The hardware uses the aluminum spoke wheels and aluminum flat track. The door also has a long aluminum handle. All custom made.

Notice there is a featured wall inside the room with barn board cladding.

Here is the featured wall. Our client want to mount the TV in the center of this This looks like a board meeting room, I don't think I'll be able to concentrate in any meeting if the the TV is mounted on this wall and the door is just off to the side like this. What torture!

If you like the flat track custom made in aluminum, contact us!


The Love for Barn Doors is Undeniable in This Complete House Reno in Bloor West Village

A charming house in Bloor West Village gets a complete gut from top to basement bottom, and renewed with a new love, the barn doors! The space was designed by architect Kate Harrison ( and architect Andrew Edmundson with smart space saving ideas and a tons arresting features. The barn doors of course act as both: space saving and arresting features. All four bedrooms up stairs have sliding doors for the closets, with modern grey and see through slats doors. All doors are designed by Kate Harrison, made and installed by us! We also got a chance to work with a really great contractor, Kazik (you know how hard it is to find one) from Kazik Contracting and Renovations LTD.

This is one of the bedroom's closet. The simple horizontal slats is just perfect to hide closet stuff. So sleek and modern.

The closet before the doors are installed.

This is the master bedroom closet with three sliding doors. The ensuite is also a barn door, but it is sliding on the Heavy Metal barn door hardware.

This is the en-suite door on the Heavy Metal. The door is made like a panel door, and no see-through slats, for obvious reasons.

We are now arriving in the basement of the house and first peak is the barn door.

Second peak is whole hallway adorned with barn doors on both sides. They were all special installed with that the wood block with not behind the track.

A closer look on one side of the hallway


On the other side of the hallway

So, after 14 barn doors installed, I can safely say love is in the house (that's love for the barn doors, if that's wasn't made clear from the beginning).

You can read our review on from Kate here

If you would like to have your space redesigned with the modern barn doors in mind, talk to Kate, if you would like barn doors, talk to us! And if you would like a great contrator contact