All the Way from Newfoundland!

Our clients flew in from Newfoundland for a business trip and picked up the Heavy Metal barn door hardware to take back on the plane back with him! Talking about efficiency. Once back, it was only a few days before we received an email with the installed doors! Nevertheless, his wife was very pleased.

V for Victory!

This looks like a coat closet! Wow, so much room. And it can all be covered up in style with a slide of these lovely doors our client made himself.

Contact us if you want your coat closet to look like this.


The Union Jack Flag is UP Again!

Remodeling their master bed to make room for a walk-in closet, our client chose to have barn doors for the entrance to give their room a cool element.  Well, their goal is accomplished!  You may have remember we did a union jack flag door for our client in Whitby awhile back, that was one door on the horseshoe hardware, now there are two doors coming together to make the flag.  This time, the doors are sliding on the Heavy Metal bi-parting barn door hardware. These are not just any barn doors, they become the Union Jack Flag when closed, and that's what makes them so cool

The door is also hand distress to give a more rustic look.  Now I'm envious of the walk-in closet, wow, so neat, and spacious...something rare for any closets.

If you like to raise the Union Jack Flag via barn doors, talk to us!