Milton's new hot spot! Double sliding doors on a barn door hardware !

We are packing the top of the SUV again, this time, not an early morning but a noon outing. We are on our way to Milton, an up and coming town with houses popping up everywhere you look. "Milton. Population 70,000" That highway sign needs to be changed soon!

The finished door resting on our fence ready to be loaded on the SUV.

These doors are made of 1-3/4 thick pine and frosted glass.

We went to lunch near our house before entering the highway.  A Vietnamese restaurant called PHO XUA on St. Claire near Keele...our favourite place to eat when I'm too lazy to cook.

Driving there, Rock is about to say good bye to his doors.  So that's why he looks  a little grumpy.

Before the installation.  Rock getting ready for something...not sure what, I never know what's he's thinking.

We were set to get the installation started.  Those doors were heavy, but Rock carried them in gracefully because I was helping -- without me, nothing gets done right.

With an already stylish and hip interior, this home is about to become hot, melting hot...pouring hot once the new door system is installed.  The new hot spot of Milton is about to be unveil.

Ta-da!  Did I tell you about the hotness?

From the dinning table view of the opened double doors

Fully open to reveal a home office.

Rock testing to see the how well the doors slide before installing the bottom floor guide.

It shouldn't surprise you to know that the home owner is a designer.  The first things I noticed coming in the house are the geometric paintings on the wall.  It was like walking into a gallery.  In fact, the home owner painted them.  Once he revealed his talent, everything made sense because the whole time, I was thinking how cool is this house!  So your house does say a lot about you.

And of course, it makes sense that he would choose to have the double sliding doors on a barn hardware track to replace two regular hinged interior's the hippest thing ever to be invented.  And I believe strongly it's a hip trend that is here to stay simply because it's functional!  They slide quietly to show and to hide.  And they virtually take up no space at all.

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Sliding barn door hardware bypass style installation


As I've mentioned in a previous post, Hanging two doors | By-pass style, where we can make modification to The Heavy Metal flat track hardware to accommodate double doors in a bypass style configuration, this post will feature the actual installation. We were commissioned to fabricate 3 doors out of barn board and install them in a beautiful log cottage up in Muskoka. I hope I have an opportunity to come back in the future.

Let's get to business. Below is the initial planning before installation begins:

Sliding barn door hardware bypass initial planning

You can already appreciate the beauty of the log cabin and the great contrast the barn board doors have on the wall. We needed to protect the floor, which is reclaimed wood from the Ottawa river, so we rested the doors on a few coffee bean bags.

Mounting the track was really straight forward, no stud finder was needed as we were able to spot the nails securing the tongues and groves on the studs.

Here is mounting the doors:

Sliding barn door hardware bypass hanging doors


and this is how it looks when completed

Sliding barn door hardware bypass close


We intentionally took this picture that shows a sail boat - this is one of fully functional sail boats that the client collects from all over the world as his hobby. He as about 30 of them.

And finally, this how the doors look when they are fully opened:

Sliding barn door hardware bypass open


Please feel free to contact us and discuss with us if you want a similar set up.