Breezeway largely made of Douglas Fir

When our client wanted to build another house beside their house for their son's family, they wanted a breezeway that would connect the two houses. But they didn't want to cover up the view or access to the backyard. So the solution is to put two large barndoors across the openings. You can walk right through to the backyard in the summer when these doors will be kept mostly open.

Yes, the house is too big for my camera. If I stood back any further, I would have fallen into bushes.


We also made the entry door to the new house out of Douglas Fir.

From the backyard looking into the front.


Closer look at entry door.

Details. This is the connecting line where two doors were made into one large one.

Late in the day. This is from the stand point where family from the new house would begin to walk to the old house.

That white door at the end is where you would enter the old house.


Closed off for the night.