The walnut live edge desk for a newly revived home office

Need I say again? Walnut, walnut, walnut. We can't have enough walnut. It is timeless beauty. The waterfall edge is stunning with a live edge walnut piece because it actually does look like water is falling. This was made using one continuous solid piece of live edge walnut. The corner is mitered for that seamless fall.

Set against the white built-in cabinetry and the grey tones rug, the walnut desk with raw steel legs really pops.

This is the view coming into the front door on your left side. Our client were thinking of putting a navy blue chair with this, I think it would look gorgeous because of that nice contrast between the deep blue and the yellow/brown warmth of the walnut, against a neutral backdrop. 

A closer look at the live edge. This would also work nicely as a mantle, or a simple kitchen island.

View from the dining room area looking into the the home office

Another look !