An old factory loft becomes homey with the barn door transformation

And old factory in New Market has been turned info beautiful living lofts. But what is missing in these lofts are the real barn doors that truly transforms the space. We retrofitted three openings in this two-bedroom unit, two openings with double doors, and one single door closet, and home couldn't be cozier.

This is one set of the double biparting doors for the second bedroom. How lovely are these doors with that ceiling!

On the other side of the room is the master bed and there is another set of double biparting doors as the entrance.

Inside the master bed is the single door for the closet.

View from outside the master bedroom .

From inside the master bed, it is absolutely gorgeous. The frosted glass provide privacy at the same time adds light.

If you lay on the master bed, and look out, this would be your escape better than the Bahama's 5 start hotel!