Sculpting a door out of barn boards and having it revolve in the middle of a house.

Building, making, and constructing a door is what we normally do, but sculpting one and have it revolve in the middle of a house takes a bit more work than we're used to. But our client wanted just that. The door then became a sculpture and a room divider for this modern home in Bayview and Steeles The door is 7" thick, over 6' wide and 7' high.

Take a look for yourself and see if this is really a barn board door or a barn board sculpture?

Rock is getting the revolving hardware in place, while my brother is cutting out some baseboards to make room for the door. No need to mention here how big the door is.

Ta-ra! i's in place and now rotates if you push it.

Behind the door is the kitchen and dining area, and in front of it is a sitting area and an office.


This is view from kitchen and dining area.


When the door is revolved to a position that it cuts the opening in half.

The red clock is where the office is.

Here is a view when it in a position of closing the opening.

Last one, that's Rock's pony tail.

If you like to have a revolving door in your house, talk to us!