Space Saving for Small Mudroom

For a small house without a hallway closet, this little built-in was the best solution for storage, and a coat station. The space is in the back room where where coats, shoes, bags, etc. were dumped,  it was always a mess... ...until now.  A space of 44" w x 96 h x 18" d was salvaged for a built-in entirely of solid white oak to act as a pantry, coat closet, shoe rack, purse rack, and everything in between.

This little room in the back of the house use to be the kitchen!  Can  you believe it? I'm a believer in small space living and even though I'm not a cook, this kitchen was a little too little.

View of our kitchen.


The cabinet oors are painted a blue that would contrast gently with the white oak and yellow door.

Close up of the walnut handle, it's a clean and crisp line and it goes with all our walnut pieces such as the dinning table, console, and vanity in the powder room.

If you would like a build-in storage unit with thoughtful space saving considerations...consider talking to us!

Red Barn Doors inside 66 Lansdowne, Toronto is a building company that got the Heavy Metal barn door hardware for their awesome renovation of a house on Lansdowne. Great choice of colour for the doors, it makes the place hip and fun and gallery like.  Yes, this house (a duplex) is up for sale, check it out in Toronto Life! I just love the red doors, it's a killer red! I think I must have commented on the colour every 20 minutes when I first saw pictures of the place, and it was starting to drive Rock a little nut.  But I must live out the typical blabbing wife role, it's the best thing next to shoes! It is verbal therapy.

Don't you want that red barn door in your kitchen? For a pantry, it would be perrrfect!

This red barn door in the hallway is for the bathroom.  It echo nicely with all the art in this living room!

Contact us for more info on the barn door hardware, and enjoy reading through this Lansdowne project by Dept356.