Custom Home Office in Forest Hill, Toronto

This is not your ordinary home office, it is made with much thought and style. The dominating wood element here goes very well with the location of the house, Forest Hill! came up with the design of the entire office and contacted us to have it built, from the sliding barn door, to the shelves, to the desk and the counter top, to the installation of the units and lighting, we were asked to make it happen, and look! It happened. After completion of the installation, it took two days and lots of hard work to mae this happen


Look from the other side and seeing the other wall with cabinets, a counter top and shelves.

closer look at the the wall with the counter top.

closer look at the desk.  It is the most distressed piece here and it sure does make a statement.


Feeling pretty good after the installation.  Do you wonder why the room looks so clean after the install?  it's because we clean up after ourselves every time!

Now are you inspired enough to get a home office going?