The Old Joists gets Re-purposed into this Beautiful Barn Door

When our client decided to demolish their house and rebuild from scratch, they couldn't bear to throw away the old joists that held up the house for all these years. They instead contacted us and ask if a slab barn door can be made with their joists, and the result... is a beautiful, sentimental, and historically important piece of art that happens to also function as a sliding door for their hallway.

These joists were old old pine. They were milled down to make a slab door, but still retained enough character to speak to the history of the house.

Can you imagine how beautiful it is to have this is a completely new and modern space?

If you would like a door or table made from your own reclaimed wood, contact us!


This Condo in Barrie gets a Sleek Barn Door

Wanting a Scandinavian look, our client asked us to build a beech slab barn door with stainless steel hardware for their laundry room...fancy! Yes, behind this door is a laundry room. It is beside the kitchen and across from the dinning/living room.

A closer look, and the blue accent wall is so beautiful with the colour of the natural beech door.



This is the finished door in our workshop waiting to go get installed in Barrie.

If you want to add some sleek and function to your condo space like this, talk to us!


Tucked somewhere near Mount Pleasant is a little house that's got gorgeously big style! The owner wanted to replace her closet doors that don't work well, her powder room door that gets in the way of another entrance, and to add a door to the basement to create a private oasis. One by one, we installed the barn doors to these openings and the result...a wow reaction from anyone walking into the house. I'll take you through each install and see for yourself if you wouldn't love to have your house transformed like this! When you open the front door, you are greeted with these walnut framed mirror sliding doors on the bypass system. Just look how beautifully the walnut blends with everything in the place. That is the beauty of walnut.

It does help that the owner has got big style herself! I was enthralled with the unexpected ways she's designed her space, like painting the fireplace wall a neon orange. The art on the walls were intriguing to say the least.

I have to say photography as art is the most interesting to me, and there are many to be interested about, including an Edward Burtynsky in the back wall there.


And then your eyes are led to the maple slab door for the powder room just straight ahead.

As you can see, entering the front entrance, your eyes first catches the walnut mirror closet and then to the maple slab door.

The powder room hinged door posed a problem, when it opens, it blocks the entrance to the basement, making it awkward and annoying. But with the sliding door, all of that is resolved.

Because the floor is maple, we decided to made the door maple and the planks be vertical to lead the eyes from the floor up to the door. It also goes nicely with the maple stairs. Notice the other two owners looking down at me!

This is the before, where a hinged door was in place.  You can see it, but when the door is open, it blocks the stairs to the basement and side door.


The door open to reveal the powder room.

From where the powder room is, we move down to the basement where a big yellow X door awaits us.

As you can see the door here covers the entrance we just entered.


We horseshoe hardware goes nicely with the X pattern door. The owner loves horses and she also rides them, so having a stunner like this door on the horseshoe is nice gesture to that.

Did anyone wonder how we got such a big door down the basement? The door was made and competed in the workshop, it was then literally cut in half before the installation. Once brought down stairs, the halves were assembled back together and finished to look like one door again!

This is what it looked like before. Notice there is no overhead where sliding hardware track can be mounted.  Rock had to install a beam across the opening to make this work.

As you can see, the door closes off so that the whole basement becomes like a hotel for the guests. There is a Murphy bed behind the cabinets in the back. Now who wouldn't want to the guest here?

Completely closed off.

If you would like a makeover that will change the way you (and everyone else) look at your house, contact us!


Sliding Barn Door for a Basement Oasis

Our client has a really cool and fun basement with lots to play with.  But they also have a storage room for bicycles, to add more fun and cool factor to the space, our client wanted us to put up a solid slab door on the barn door hardware! If you were to walk down this basement, wouldn't you just want to hang out there forver?

Looks like all the fun is store away in fashion!  Who wouldn't want the door to their storage room be a slab sliding barn door?

If you want that storage room to have a cool and functional door, let us know!

MJ Architecture is Home to a Sliding Slab Door

Going into an architect's home, one feels different, everything just seems like it was meant to be there.  There is a sense of confident in every piece you see in the space, from the lighting to an old chair, and of course, to a 9 feet tall sliding slab door as the one you see here in MJ Architecture's home. The place was redone, with the hallway wall ripped down, and the sliding slab door here is the entrance to the dinning room.  Notice the flooring, the patch up hardwood running the opposite direction is where the wall used to be.  I love how it is done so purposefully, conserving the history that there used to be wall.

My personal favourite style is electric, and this just does it!  It is so much more interesting and fun to be a space like that.  But I think there is a skill in matching things that don't really "match"

We made this slab door using solid 1-3/4" thick molding grade pine and white wash it to give that nice simple finish.  The heavy Metal barn door hardware accessorizes the door

If you would like to have the slab door to make a statement in your space, talk to us! If you would like your space beautifully created with an architect's mind, contact MJ Architecture!