The Love for Barn Doors is Undeniable in This Complete House Reno in Bloor West Village

A charming house in Bloor West Village gets a complete gut from top to basement bottom, and renewed with a new love, the barn doors! The space was designed by architect Kate Harrison ( and architect Andrew Edmundson with smart space saving ideas and a tons arresting features. The barn doors of course act as both: space saving and arresting features. All four bedrooms up stairs have sliding doors for the closets, with modern grey and see through slats doors. All doors are designed by Kate Harrison, made and installed by us! We also got a chance to work with a really great contractor, Kazik (you know how hard it is to find one) from Kazik Contracting and Renovations LTD.

This is one of the bedroom's closet. The simple horizontal slats is just perfect to hide closet stuff. So sleek and modern.

The closet before the doors are installed.

This is the master bedroom closet with three sliding doors. The ensuite is also a barn door, but it is sliding on the Heavy Metal barn door hardware.

This is the en-suite door on the Heavy Metal. The door is made like a panel door, and no see-through slats, for obvious reasons.

We are now arriving in the basement of the house and first peak is the barn door.

Second peak is whole hallway adorned with barn doors on both sides. They were all special installed with that the wood block with not behind the track.

A closer look on one side of the hallway


On the other side of the hallway

So, after 14 barn doors installed, I can safely say love is in the house (that's love for the barn doors, if that's wasn't made clear from the beginning).

You can read our review on from Kate here

If you would like to have your space redesigned with the modern barn doors in mind, talk to Kate, if you would like barn doors, talk to us! And if you would like a great contrator contact