House&Home magazine Fall2015 small space issue features our house!

We had so much fun doing the photo shoot with House&Home. Kai and Morgan were so good at making our place look fantastic (that's right, our house don't normally look like this). Thank you Virginia and Sara for photographing our house in the best light! The family portrait. Khai (the baby) is just about to fall asleep, so no smiles from him, only a little frustration with all the locomotion.


Dan is a favourite here. And that's not a TV on the wall, it's actually a photograph of a TV, by me. Want to see more?

And that's what H&H looks like for September 2015


Space Saving for Small Mudroom

For a small house without a hallway closet, this little built-in was the best solution for storage, and a coat station. The space is in the back room where where coats, shoes, bags, etc. were dumped,  it was always a mess... ...until now.  A space of 44" w x 96 h x 18" d was salvaged for a built-in entirely of solid white oak to act as a pantry, coat closet, shoe rack, purse rack, and everything in between.

This little room in the back of the house use to be the kitchen!  Can  you believe it? I'm a believer in small space living and even though I'm not a cook, this kitchen was a little too little.

View of our kitchen.


The cabinet oors are painted a blue that would contrast gently with the white oak and yellow door.

Close up of the walnut handle, it's a clean and crisp line and it goes with all our walnut pieces such as the dinning table, console, and vanity in the powder room.

If you would like a build-in storage unit with thoughtful space saving considerations...consider talking to us!

My Dream Console Table

After much complaining and whining about the fact that I don't have a work space (partly because our house is so small), Rock finally made me a wall mounted console table to my desire! It would have to work together with all the pieces we have in the house, and work in a way that virtually takes up no space and still be functional.

Here is the finished product, the large door at the bottom is for the printer and storage of the camera, external hard drives, and printing paper; the top drawers are for everything else.

It sits right in a little nook have here, just enough to house a laptop and for me to do paper work. Ideal for small spaces.  The dimensions are 50"L x 16" D x 22H

The drawers and doors are made of baltic birch plywood, with holes routed in for handles.  The framing around is made of solid walnut.  I am in love with it!

If you would like a custom built console for your work space that seamlessly blends in with your house, contact us!