Ohh La La...Sleek and Sophisticated Dining Set in a Modern Reno

55Design is back on our blog, this time they have The Long Feast walnut dining table and matching bench in mind for a modern reno in the Danforth. This Long Feast walnut table is 42 inches x 10 feet with a matching bench that is 8 feet long

These chairs gives a bit of warmth to the sleekness of the table set and house.

Rock and my father-in-law really worked hard to get the table and bench done before Christmas because that's what was asked of us. They leave the workshop at 10 pm everyday, you don't want to know the face I have on when Rock gets home at that time. But I promise it was a beautiful face when I saw the finished table and bench at the shop.

Are you ready for a complete make over of your house and have a stunning dining set to complete the look?  Talk to 55Design, because you will be glad you did, and everything will work out from there!