The Pedestal Walnut Table Roams the City Again

Hillcrest seems to be a great area in Toronto, and the 4 feet by 10 feet pedestal walnut table thinks so too!  So that's where it's will settle, in a beautifully and delightfully renovated house along with many charming pieces such as a salvaged orange vanity on the main floor powder room. The living room has been turned into the dinning room since eating is much more fun than sitting around on sofas.

Even the furry member of the house is excited about the new table.  I hope he knows not to jump up on the table.

My father in-law standing proud since he and Rock built this table together!  Rock has to step aside and share the fame.

I'm being invited back in the new year when the chairs are in and the renovation is more settled to take photos of the place!  I'm very excited about that and very excited to see what chairs our client fancies for this table!