The walnut slab door feels right at home in this gorgeous art-filled loft

Wanting to replace a old sliding door for the front closet, our client asked for our opinion. After seeing the space, nothing speaks louder than a solid walnut slab door with horizontal planks on the stainless steel barn door hardware. At the end of the loft is a built-in bookshelf that was also made of walnut, so we thought we would have a dialogue going with the walnut pieces. As it turns out,the newly renovated kitchen area also has walnut cabinetry.

Oh, and did I mention the art? Both Rock and I were so overwhelmed by the art in this loft that was hard to focus on the question at hand -- the barn door. It's like going to a gallery, except this was in someone's home, and so the curated collection was much more interesting . No wonder this loft was featured in Designlines magazine.

There it is. I can't say anything more. It's just simply stunning, and those black shoes on the it art? or is it function? See what I mean about it being much more interesting a gallery?

The walnut flows  nicely with the orange front door. The loft is being re-design by Eduardo and his team at I like the orange so much I called Eduardo to ask for the code. We ended up painting the door we displayed at the Interior Design Show this orange.

This picture doesn't do justice, but your senses and brain get a stimulation rush in this place.

Rock always has to make his way into my picture somehow. I love that black piece that looks like a double tobacco pipe.  And of course the door. The horizontal planks leads the eye into the loft where all the excitement awaits...



This Condo in Barrie gets a Sleek Barn Door

Wanting a Scandinavian look, our client asked us to build a beech slab barn door with stainless steel hardware for their laundry room...fancy! Yes, behind this door is a laundry room. It is beside the kitchen and across from the dinning/living room.

A closer look, and the blue accent wall is so beautiful with the colour of the natural beech door.



This is the finished door in our workshop waiting to go get installed in Barrie.

If you want to add some sleek and function to your condo space like this, talk to us!

A Couple of Barn Doors in Sophisticated Lawrence Mannor's Home

Wanting a barn door to lead into a bathroom from a hallway, Designer Alyce Drenth from Creative Avenues asked for a tall panel door with custom staining to match the vanity and the tub box.  This creates an unexpected element to the reserved surrounding. This door seems to be towering the other more traditional doors in the house creates an interesting scale comparison for the eyes. That's my brother in law showing off the door after he helped Rock install it.


The door is made of beech wood and sliding on the Heavy Metal.


That's what it looks like closed. You just have to open it to reveal a bathroom beyond`

Downstairs, there is a double X door that slides between the kitchen and the front lobby giving the house a stunning conversational piece as the guests walk in. You'll never be caught in an awkward silent again for any of your house parties.

This double X door is sliding on the top mount stainless steel hardware. My brother in law again is showing off his sliding skills :)


This is the front lobby side when the doors are closed. Pretty!

If you would like to make statement pieces with the barn door for your house, please contact us!

The Spoke Wheels have Spoken...the Mudroom/Living Room Ultimate Treatment!

I wish I had this mudroom, it is such an elegant, yet cozy, and I can imagine that home-sweet-home feeling walking in to this. The best part though, is the barn door that acts as an entrance to the living room from there. Wouldn't you love to have this whole set up? Just like the magazine isn't it?


The stainless steel hardware is so lovely with the blue on the wall, and the white on the door!


Rock just doing his usual testing. The Spoke wheels here is what makes the whole thing so gorgeous and sweet. nice to be in this space. What is Rock doing there?

You can watch this barn door in motion here

If you would like Rock (and maybe me) to be in your space installing your dream barn me! I can make it happen!

The Baby Room is finally into it TOO!

With an addition of a new baby comes the addition of an oversized chalkboard barn door sliding on stainless steel spoke wheels hardware!  Now, the baby room is finally complete. And did I mention the cool shelves are made by us too? I can finally stop complaining that  the baby room needs to be done!  There is also a toddler bed Rock made for the older baby, I will update that here as soon as I can. The bottom shelving unit has bright blue legs, which makes it pop in a mostly neutral room.

The older baby has already chalking up the door, hopefully, that stops him from marking up the walls!

It's really fun watching these wheels roll, not to mention it's stunning!

It was this bed that made our two year old transit over from the crib.  Cute, isn't?

If you would like to jazz up your baby room, talk to us! We can make it happen.


Lionfish Developments is the New Hip Spot on Dupont and Ossington!

I was in love with the space when Rock brought home the pictures to show me after his installation at Lionfish Developments's new office at Dupont and Ossington.  I no longer go on installations with him due to the arrival of baby number 2.  I wait at home to see the finished installs in images. Isn't this such a cool space?  Notice that walnut slab door. It's on stainless steel hardware.

I have to give it to Valery, principal designer of the firm on the way she chooses lighting.  There is something unconventional and  bold about her choices.

That pendant is quirky, and charming and just goes perfect with that sliding walnut door!

If you would like this stunning walnut door in your space, contact us!

Maple Slab Door on Stainless Steel for Under Stairway Storage

What a great idea!  Our client chose solid maple door to match with his floors, and the stainless steel barn door door is very sleek and goes nicely with the stainless steel appliances since the door leads into the kitchen. Under stairway storage has a beautiful maple slab door sliding on the stainless steel barn door hardware.




If you would like a maple slab door on the sliding barn door hardware to make use of a small useless space, talk to us! 

The Walnut Sliding Barn Door Version II


Armed with the 4 feet x 10 feet walnut dining table in the beautiful home, our client asked for a walnut sliding door on the Stainless Steel hardware to complete the look!  Since this is a multi-level house, it's really nice to see the table on the main floor and the door just a few steps below. But there is something different about this walnut door, it's not the slab door you are used to seeing with our work, it's made with walnut veneer, and solid walnut edging banding around.  This definitely makes the door a little lighter to handle and it looks beautiful in its own way.

Pretty.  Notice the edge banding of solide walnut

Closed.  This walnut door with the stainless steel hardware has a hint of art deco in it...which I noticed with the walnut table and a few other things in the house.