New! Our signature walnut stools!!

We are excited to launch our new solid walnut piece, the loveable and sturdy walnut stools!! It comes in 2 heights, 18" and 9" It is perfect for that occasional seating, side table, or an accent piece. It be used as stools for a dining set, or console. We use the little one as a stepping stool for our toddlers in the bathroom, it looks great!

Here they are!


We use the larger stool here as an accent piece for our living room.

A look at the larger size.

Please inquire for pricing and sizes.


We hit the Interior Design Show 2015 this weekend!

Our first time at the IDS, and we are pretty excited! We'll be part of the featured exhibition "Maker". Come and check out what we have to offer! Our booth number is 2225 at the Metro Toronto Conventional Center. The show is from Jan 23 to Jan 25. Please see more info on IDS website Just like our home, our booth is really small, in fact the smallest one there--but we compensate.

Here is us setting up for the show

Rock doing last minute touches. Behind him is a wall of hardware.

We decided to do a traditional style barn door on the horseshoe hardware.  Thewalnut credenza is named "work horse" because of the white paws for the legs, and it is completely solid walnut. So are the stools here, one made as a stepping stool  for a toddler, and the other one is an occasional stool.