The Walnut Sliding Barn Door Version II


Armed with the 4 feet x 10 feet walnut dining table in the beautiful home, our client asked for a walnut sliding door on the Stainless Steel hardware to complete the look!  Since this is a multi-level house, it's really nice to see the table on the main floor and the door just a few steps below. But there is something different about this walnut door, it's not the slab door you are used to seeing with our work, it's made with walnut veneer, and solid walnut edging banding around.  This definitely makes the door a little lighter to handle and it looks beautiful in its own way.

Pretty.  Notice the edge banding of solide walnut

Closed.  This walnut door with the stainless steel hardware has a hint of art deco in it...which I noticed with the walnut table and a few other things in the house.