Lionfish Developments is the New Hip Spot on Dupont and Ossington!

I was in love with the space when Rock brought home the pictures to show me after his installation at Lionfish Developments's new office at Dupont and Ossington.  I no longer go on installations with him due to the arrival of baby number 2.  I wait at home to see the finished installs in images. Isn't this such a cool space?  Notice that walnut slab door. It's on stainless steel hardware.

I have to give it to Valery, principal designer of the firm on the way she chooses lighting.  There is something unconventional and  bold about her choices.

That pendant is quirky, and charming and just goes perfect with that sliding walnut door!

If you would like this stunning walnut door in your space, contact us!

What's All That Jazz in Chicago?

It's the addition of two 8 foot high solid walnut doors on a Heavy Metal sliding hardware of course!  Soon, Chicago will receive a freight shipment of these two doors and hardware to Jazz up a newly built home in its city. Yes, they are big doors!

There they are resting against the side of the garage.









These are the hardware to go with the doors.  They have been finished flat black to give it a polished look.

Making these two walnut doors wasn't an easy task.  First of all, they are oversized at 96" high by 38" wide shaker style.  And secondly, they have to be shipped to Chicago along with the Heavy Metal barn door hardware to hang them on.  But it was all worthed in the end when they are done and looking magnificent.  Now I want walnut doors...Rock is going to kill me. I want I want I want.
These doors were made from scatch and made using loose tenons technique with rout-out slots for the panels and glass.

the loose tenon that joins the panels together was also made of walnut.  Yes, we like walnut that much!

Putting the doors together.










vacuuming and cleaning the doors before putting the finish on.

Details of the door.











We are sorry we won't get to see them hung in real life unless we visit Chicago one day.  But at least we took lots of pictures before shipping them.  Photography was invented for something.

Showing the baby how the doors were put together.

That's me showing off the doors I didn't make.  Well, I helped with the carrying because one person can not handle this size and weight.

All said and done, we were happy to be able to make Chicago light up, because of course, it was just dull before this.

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