The Entrance into the Basement Made Cool with the Barn Door

There is this awkward two-way entrance, one to go down stairs and the other to go upstairs, to make it interesting and functional, our client decided to have the barn door slide back and forth between the two entrances. As you can see here, there is wall that divides the two entrances, one to go up, the other to go down.

The T-slide together with this Z door gives aesthetic purpose to the entrances. We were also asked to intall the door. Because there was no header to mount the track on, we had to build a header down out of wood.

That's the door opening to the other side to cover the basement entrance.

Looking from the outside entering the house from the side door.

If you would like an awkward spot turn into something like this, contact us!

The Spoke Wheels have Spoken...the Mudroom/Living Room Ultimate Treatment!

I wish I had this mudroom, it is such an elegant, yet cozy, and I can imagine that home-sweet-home feeling walking in to this. The best part though, is the barn door that acts as an entrance to the living room from there. Wouldn't you love to have this whole set up? Just like the magazine isn't it?


The stainless steel hardware is so lovely with the blue on the wall, and the white on the door!


Rock just doing his usual testing. The Spoke wheels here is what makes the whole thing so gorgeous and sweet. nice to be in this space. What is Rock doing there?

You can watch this barn door in motion here

If you would like Rock (and maybe me) to be in your space installing your dream barn me! I can make it happen!

Turn Your Den into a Second Bedroom with the Barn Door

This is the second time we encounter a situation where the den in the condo is turned into a second/guest bedroom.  The first time is here. Because the opening for these dens are usually large, and there isn't enough wall space for one large door to slide over, the solution comes from our telescopic bypassing barn door system. Isn't that just gorgeous!  Now this condo can be listed as having a second bedroom...and the hipness of the place shoots up. This can be very attractive for potential buyers from this trendy and beautiful neighbourhood...High Park.

My first time being back on the scene after the birth of our second baby is refreshing, I love photographing the spaces where the barn doors have made their mark.  It is truly a transformation.


Rock passing by.

Rock and his father making adjustments.

View from the main bedroom.  Wouldn't you be envious if you had to look at this view every time you step out of your bedroom?

If you would like to turn your den into a second bedroom with style: talk to us!