MJ Architecture is Home to a Sliding Slab Door

Going into an architect's home, one feels different, everything just seems like it was meant to be there.  There is a sense of confident in every piece you see in the space, from the lighting to an old chair, and of course, to a 9 feet tall sliding slab door as the one you see here in MJ Architecture's home. The place was redone, with the hallway wall ripped down, and the sliding slab door here is the entrance to the dinning room.  Notice the flooring, the patch up hardwood running the opposite direction is where the wall used to be.  I love how it is done so purposefully, conserving the history that there used to be wall.

My personal favourite style is electric, and this just does it!  It is so much more interesting and fun to be a space like that.  But I think there is a skill in matching things that don't really "match"

We made this slab door using solid 1-3/4" thick molding grade pine and white wash it to give that nice simple finish.  The heavy Metal barn door hardware accessorizes the door

If you would like to have the slab door to make a statement in your space, talk to us! If you would like your space beautifully created with an architect's mind, contact MJ Architecture!